Town Hall Series 95th Season 2019-2020

We Welcome You to Join Us

When the Akron Woman's City Club was founded in 1923, one of its primary goals was to provide a forum for educating members about events taking place in the world.

Some of the well-known early lecturers and guests were Grand Duchess Marie of Austria; the honorable Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming, this country's first woman governor; Louise Thayden, famous woman aviatrix and winner of the First Women's Air Derby from Santa Monica, CA to Cleveland in 1929; Edgar Guest, well-known homespun poet; Alice Roosevelt Longworth; Drew Pearson; and Lowell Thomas. In addition, the Club sponsored many musical programs and seminars.

No Membership Required.

Today Town Hall Series carries on this proud tradition for the Akron Woman's City Club. You do not need to be a member of the Club to enjoy these programs. As we embark upon our 95th season, here is your personal invitation to join us for this season's outstanding series.

Ticket Info

Season tickets are $40 for Club members and $45 for non-Club members. You may purchase season tickets by sending your check {payable to Akron Woman's City Club} to the Akron Woman's City Club. 732 W. Exchange St., Akron, OH 44302, ATTN:Town Hall Series. Season ticket information will be mailed out in early August to all AWCC members and former season ticket holders. Single tickets may be purchased at the door on the day or evening of any performance for $10 each.

Dinners & Luncheons

Members as well as non-members are invited to attend the dinners and luncheons held with the performances. Lunch and dinner reservations may be made by calling the Club at 330.762.6261 at least 48 hours prior to the performance. The price for Town Hall dinners are $23.  Luncheons will follow the morning performances. The price for the Town Hall luncheons will be $20


Our Speakers

September 19, 2019

Jack Schantz

7:30 P.M.

Club Dining at 6:15 p.m. (Optional)


“Jerome Kern, George Gershwin, and the Great American Songbook”

Jack Schantz and friends will present a fun and informative exploration of some of the most enduring standards from the 1930’s to the 1950’s, an era that came to
be known as the Great American Songbook. The melodic, harmonic, and structural sophistication of this music written for Broadway theatre and
Hollywood films marked the pinnacle of American popular song.

Jack Schantz was artistic director of the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra from 1994 to 2009. Since 1999 he has served as Director of Jazz Studies at the University of Akron. In the 1980's Jack performed national and international tours as jazz trumpet soloist with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, the Glenn Miller Orchestra, the Artie Shaw Orchestra, and the Woody Herman Thundering Herd.


October 17, 2019

Mark Dawidziak

10:30 A.M.


“Ghosts of the Civil War”

As a nation we continue to be haunted by the Civil War. Performed by Largely Literary Theater Company co-founders Sara Showman (from the South) and Mark
Dawidziak (from the North), this presentation blends haunting literary selections and historical perspective with actual ghost stories from Ohio and other states.
The show also features passages from Civil War era songs, as well as a special section about Abraham Lincoln.

Mark Dawidziak is a journalism graduate of George Washington University. He has worked as a theater, film, and television critic since 1979. Since 1999 Mark has
worked as the television critic for The Plain Dealer. A member of the Television Critics Association’s board of directors for five years, he has won five Cleveland Press Club awards for entertainment writing.


November 21, 2019

Rachel Whitehawk

10:30 A.M.


“An Indian Maiden”

Rachel Whitehawk, is a motivational speaker, Certified Professional Life Coach, high fashion model, image consultant and author of life changing curriculum. She
has been a guest on many national talk shows sharing her life strategies. Rachel has created a unique wellness philosophy utilizing her own life experiences, her
education in health, and knowledge of horses. She founded Whitehawk Ranch in 2003 to provide teen girls and women in all walks of life the opportunity to achieve their optimal health and happiness. She works with area homeless and youth shelters to provide these and additional job readiness programs for women
in Summit County.


February 20, 2020

David Gates

10:30 A.M.


 “On the Home Front: The many Hats of WWII"

With the war, patriots young and old donned many hats as they labored, fought, and sacrificed in their struggle to defeat the Axis Powers. Memories are stirred and stories shared as participants examine artifacts, photos, memorabilia and hats. Dave Gates started as a volunteer at the Summit County Historical Society assisting with special events and programming. After his retirement from Summit Metro Parks he started working with the education department for Remember When where he developed the outreach program on Understanding the American Hobo. Now Dave goes on the road for the Society traveling to six different
counties for Remember When presentations.  


March 19, 2020

Karen Bennett

10:30 A.M.


“Music Around and in You”

For some music is consumed. For others, it must be made throughout life. Our community is rich in resources for both. At this Town Hall program we will explore
some of the unique musical happenings in our area but more importantly put together our own ensemble. Everyone will have a chance to perform. We may not go viral but we just might go home happy. Karen Bennett is retired from the Akron Public schools but has kept busy with musical pursuits. She has directed bell choirs, a church choir, the Metro Parks Ensemble, and plays in the Tuba-Fours. She has both an undergraduate and graduate degree from Kent State University, has donated 16+ gallons of blood, and is currently approaching 3000 volunteer hours with Summit Metro Parks.


April 16, 2020

Joe Hueber Jr. 

7:30 P.M. (Club Dining at 6:15 p.m. (Optional)


“Akron Woman"s Family WWII Philippine Prison Experience”

Thompson, granddaughter of Akron’s marble king Samuel Dyke, was on her own at 18 with both parents divorced/remarried. She met and at 22 married a fellow Goodyear employee, Joe Huber Jr., from Tallmadge just before they became two of Goodyear’s first ‘Crude Rubber People”. After four adventurous years on Sumatra’s Wingfoot rubber plantation and a hiatus in the US during the depression, in 1935 the family went to the remote 4 square mile Pathfinder Plantation in the midst of the Mindanoa, Philippines jungle just after her first child, Joe Jr., was born. This is the story of Thelma and Joe bringing the family through 31 months in prison, saved from starvation death by the largest American rescue of prisoners deep behind Japanese lines, then surviving the Battle of Manila which killed 120,000, 40 in camp.


Our Town Hall Board Members

Laura Allen

Jane Ellis 

Linda Gauer

Sally Halsey 

Carol Meyers

Cindy Titus

Helen Vari



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