“Irish Immigration to America, a History” by THEODORE J. SMITH

Mar 21, 2019

Every March people of all backgrounds celebrate the son of a Roman tax collector who was kidnapped, sold into slavery, and in time single-handedly turned his captors and their nation to monotheism (and preserve much of Rome’s knowledge during the Dark Ages).  Eventually their descendants would leave their island home under oppressive foreign rule and famine to arrive in North America a shattered culture. The Irish in North America have overcome prejudice and addiction to make an indelible mark on American culture.

   Ted Smith’s wife, Therese, is from Dublin, Ireland.  While he was helping her study for her U.S. Citizenship, she commented that it would “only be fair” if he studied Irish history as well. The two of them subsequently began researching the history of Irish immigration to the U.S.  What follows is the result of that research.

   Come, wear your green and learn why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!