We want you to be safe during  the COVID pandemic and the Club follows State regulations. Masks are to be worn when entering the Club. Seating in the dining room is arranged so that everyone is at a safe distance. Temperatures are taken at the door and hand santizers are available for your use. Thank you for your cooperation during this time. 

A Legacy of Elegance Since 1923

The beauty of our house is order. The blessing of our house is contentment. The glory of our house is hospitality.

The Akron Woman's City Club was established in 1923 as a place where women could meet to discuss subjects of interest, hold seminars for education, promote charitable events, and serve as a social center and meeting place for women of Akron.

Today the club remains one of the oldest and largest for women in America. It maintains a historic campus, which serves as a facility for the philanthropic, educational, cultural, civic and social activities for the enrichment of its members and the community.

Our History

On February 8, 1923 the oganizational meeting of the Woman's City Club of Akron took place at the home of Miss Helen Wolle, temporary chairman, who was later elected the first president. In July 1923 the Mason House located at 115 South Union was rented and served as the clubhouse until it was moved downtown in 1926. Read More

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