President's Note


Welcome to the Akron Woman's City Club's website. As President of the Club, I invite you to explore our website to learn more about us.

We are a 501(c)3 organization located at 732 West Exchange Street in Akron, Ohio. Founded in 1923, we moved in 1946 to our present location which was known as the Stadelman Estate, a beautiful 1901 mansion. This year we celebrated our 95th anniversary. Over the last ninety-five years thousands of women have found the Akron Woman's City Club a home for friendship, entertainment, education, and philanthropy.

We would like to serve you and become part of your life. We offer the unique setting for a beautiful, elegant wedding or reception. Private parties or showers may be arranged to suit your needs and tastes.

If your non profit needs a meeting room for their activities, we can serve your needs - whether it is a room or a ballroom.

The Akron Woman's City Club offers many opportunities fo enriching your life. The Town Hall Series have a variety of excellent programs, speakers, and entertainers. Our Gallery 732 presents exhibits by outstanding local artists and has free monthly artist receptions. Enjoy a play at our Coach House Theatre. Special intersts can be expanded in our Sections which are open to all members. Our many philanthropic activities make Akron a better place to live. We need your help with these activities. Make new friends at our many events and sections. Celebrate the holidays and other special occasions with delicious food prepared by our Chef Briston. Feel welcome within the walls of our beautiful home.

We invite you to join the generations of women who have made the Akron Woman's City Club their home.

See you at the Club.

Kendal Taylor-President of the Akron Woman's City Club