Club Activities

Annual Witches Luncheon 2021





Activities at the Club....Who Can I Contact?

Book Section: Jean MacEwen Phone: 330-329-2298

Canasta: Sara Grenus Phone: 330-836-5851

Contract Bridge: Janet Cross Phone: 330-864-8889

Enowment: Jean MacEwen Phone: 330-329-2298

Family Search: Carol Meyers Phone: 330-864-4350

Gallery 732: Madeline Milford Phone: 330-923-1614

History Section: Sara Grenus Phone: 330-836-5851

Needlework: Carol Meyers Phone: 330-714-2053

Parisienne Bridge: Dianne Schubert 330-620-1788

Playmakers Unit: Tivoli Smith Phone: 330-475-9426

Section Counselor: Jean MacEwen Phone: 330-329-2298

Singing Lunch Bunch: Connie Querry Phone: 330-923-4212

Town Hall Unit: Carol Meyers Phone: 330-864-4350

Wolle Group:  Laura Allen Phone: 330-864-7356


International Opera Theater Dinner Party Coming Soon!




History Section: Come Join Us!

History section meets the second Friday of the month for lunch as 12:00 followed by a program of historical interest, presented by someone possessing expertise and knowledge to share with us. We strive to offer a wide variety of quality programs provided by speakers who graciously accept our invitations. We appreciate those who support Hisotry Section and welcome those who have yet to give it a try. Chairman-Sara Grenus

Playmakers Unit: Come Join Us!

The Playmakers Unit's purpose is to organize activities which appeal to the children and grandchildren of members of the Club and guests. The unit consists of twelve members serving as the board. We meet the first Wednesday of each month at 11:00am. Every member is invited to participate in the activities given for the children. Two of our major activities include a breakfast with Santa in December and a tea with 5th grade girls from two local schools. Chairmen-Tivoli Smith, and Laura Robinson

Needlework: Come Join Us!

Needlework meets the fourth Tuesday of most months at 9:30am in the Florentine Room. We have a short business meeting and the sharing of current and/or finished projects. The remainder of the morning is spent talking and working on our project. Most women stay for lunch at noon. This group has been taking a field trip every other year. There is no need to make a reservation. Chairman-Carol Meyers 

Singing Lunch Bunch: Come Join Us!

For several years many members of our Club were committed to music-especially singing and performing, We were frequently "on the road" entertaining at such events as the Tree Festival, various senior centers and at the Club. We were not able to continue our passion and our singing was no longer. However, our friendship we share will last forever-thus the "Singing Lunch Bunch." We welcome anyone to join us. Chairman-Connie Querry

Wolle Group: Come Join Us!

Wolle Group meets in the dining room at 12:00 noon on the first Friday of every month. We enjoy a meal of our choice ordered from the menu along with friendly conversation. It's helpful to make a reservation for lunch so we know what size table to request. Chairman-Laura Allen.